Can Modular Exoskeletons Revolutionise Employee Health in the IT Industry?

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Key Takeaways

  • Exomys is an Austrian startup utilizing innovative technology to enhance employee health and productivity in the IT industry.
  • The company’s primary product, a passive and modular exoskeleton, offers assistance to those involved in long periods of standing or crouching.
  • The design and efficacy of this product showcase a unique approach to health-focused technological development.


In an increasingly digital age, attention to physical wellbeing within the workplace can often be overlooked. Austrian startup, Exomys, is striving to revolutionize this balance. Headquartered in Vienna and founded by John Bernhardt and Veronika Pauser, Exomys sits at the cutting edge of mechanical and health revolution in the information technology (IT) industry. Its flagship product? — A passive and modular exoskeleton for industrial application.

This innovative technology remedy presents an engaging solution to a long-standing back and neck strain that affects countless employees across the IT sector. By shifting the load from the user’s legs to the exoskeleton’s mechanical structure, the technology offers support for those involved in long periods of standing or crouching. In doing so, Exomys is expertly balancing productivity with health and wellbeing.

Exomys: A Unique Difference

What sets Exomys apart from competition? The product’s design and mechanics. Unlike many other existent systems that position their technology over clothing, the Exomys exoskeleton is designed to fit under work pants. This avoids frame sections sticking out, providing a higher safety factor for the user while also improving the overall user-friendly nature of the product. Moreover, it allows unrestricted physical movement, from standing to sitting or hunkering positions, further enhancing its versatility and practicality in a working environment.

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Exomys’s use of passive exoskeleton technology also differentiates the startup. Passive exoskeletons do not require electricity, motors, or other energy sources to function. Instead, they convert biomechanical energy into constructive support, effectively relieving the user’s body of strain. It is this unique combination of mechanics, design, and user benefit that promises Exomys as a game-changer within the IT industry.

Exomys: Future Prospects

Being catered for a very specific niche, Exomys’s revolutionized approach to ergonomic health in the IT industry certainly beckons a promising future. The company’s unique solution bearing both health and productivity implications are sure to resonate well within an industry that places high priority on both factors. Greater adoption and refinement of Exomys’s products into different work environments may redefine how we perceive workplace health and productivity. The scale of that change, though, remains to be seen as the company evolves and expands its reach.

Enjoy following Exomys and its groundbreaking developments as they continue to pioneer in the field of workplace health. You can stay connected on their website, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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