Can Innovative Tech Transform Air Travel Legal Complications for Passengers?

Key Takeaways:

  • is a German startup that uses technology to help passengers claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights quickly and unbureaucratically.
  • Their “Advanced Business Logic” (ABL) technology uses data entered by the user to determine if they are entitled to compensation and generates a claim letter.
  • keeps 25% of the successfully enforced claim as commission, with the airline possibly paying up to €600 to the passenger.
  • The company also maintains a network of experts to exercise air passenger rights as per EU Regulation 261/2004.
  • In 2014, launched an app for travel agents to help process compensation claims.


Can innovative technology transform the often daunting legal complications air passengers face, especially in terms of canceled or delayed flights? Berlin-based start-up,, answers this question with a resounding yes. Offering a service that operates worldwide, this European initiative uses technology to facilitate easy and uncomplicated handling of air passengers’ rights, providing a solution to a common issue faced by countless global travelers.

Founded by Dr. Joachim Hertel and Eve Büchner, has been commended by the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Report 2014 as a Legal Industry Pioneer. Their unique approach to passenger rights and compensation claims for flight delays or cancellations is transforming the way passengers navigate air travel complaints, and may well be the key to simplifying this often daunting process.

Differential Analysis:

The distinguishing feature of is their ‘Advanced Business Logic’ (ABL) technology. It uses the data a passenger enters to swiftly ascertain whether they are entitled to any compensation, streamlining the process towards a quick resolution. Where it often becomes a cumbersome process for individual passengers to understand and claim their rights,’s ABL technology drafts a claim letter with all the necessary details, allowing for a simpler, faster claims process. The letter can be signed securely online, eliminating bureaucratic bottlenecks.

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In addition, also differentiates itself with its success-based business model. The firm retains a commission only if the claim is successful- 25% plus statutory VAT. This ensures passengers’ interests are at the forefront and aligns the incentives of both the company and the client. Furthermore, the company launched a Red App in 2014, targeted at travel agents using Sabre, enabling them to similarly process traveler claims, making them an asset not only to passengers but also the travel industry.


With the global increase in air travel, the need for services like those provides will only increase. Moreover, their innovative use of technology to simplify and expedite the process sets them apart. The future appears bright for as they continue to transform the handling of air passengers’ rights catering to a global audience.

Notably praised as a legal pioneer in the travel industry, is setting standards for others in the industry to follow. Following the startup’s updates and growth can be done by visiting their website at or following them on social media, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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