Can Innovative InkTech Revolutionise Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing in Europe?

Can Innovative InkTech Revolutionise Sustainable Electronics Manufacturing in Europe? This is the question that Chemnitz-based startup, Saralon, is looking to answer with its groundbreaking tech-forward initiative. Driven by a desire to simplify the field of Printed Electronics, this German startup is making notable strides in the industries of Advanced Materials, Electronics, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, and Packaging Services.

Key takeaways:

  • Saralon is using InkTech to simplify Printed Electronics manufacturing.
  • They have created a unique, efficient production processes and integration techniques, providing on-site training to printing companies.
  • Saralon’s InkTech is of major relevance for sustainable electronics production.

Founded by Dr. Moazzam Ali and Steve Paschky, Saralon is a product of innovation and market-oriented thought. What sets Saralon apart is InkTech, a unique combination of inks and production technologies tailored for Printed Electronics manufacturing. It has been particularly developed with color printing companies in mind, serving their specific needs in the realm of printed electronics.

Saralon has not just simplified the printing process but also the integration process. Creating an application based on Printed Electronics requires integration of graphics printed objects with electronics in a cost-effective manner. With years of expertise, Saralon provides full technical support, helping printing companies develop ready-to-use applications. It is indeed these groundbreaking techniques that elevate Saralon above its contemporaries.

Looking forward, Saralon’s progressive outlook and commitment to sustainability suggest a promising future. As more industries recognise the value of sustainable practices, Saralon’s InkTech is bound to play a key role. Electronics produced by printing machines using this technology are sustainable, embodying Saralon’s commitment to green initiatives.

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With a dynamic footprint in the European market, Saralon is setting precedent in the fields of advanced materials, electronics, IoT, manufacturing and packaging services. To stay updated on Saralon’s journey and the future course of sustainable electronics manufacturing in Europe, make sure to follow them on their social media handles at Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can learn more about them on their official website.


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