Can Innovative Event Management Platforms Revolutionize Industry Networking Experiences?

Key Takeaways:

  • Deal Room is a Finnish startup offering an all-in-one event management platform.
  • Equipped with an exceptional relevance algorithm, it enables pre-booking of 1-on-1 meetings during events, offering greater connectivity and networking opportunities to event participants.
  • Deal Room platform also offers in-built webinar, workshop and online streaming services besides allowing integration of other platforms.
  • A comprehensive analytics tool along with dedicated customer support provided by Deal Room makes event management easier and more effective.
  • Deal Room’s innovative offering is potentially revolutionizing industry networking experiences.


Events and meet-ups have always played a crucial role in shaping the business environment and swallowing up new opportunities. While traditional event organizing methods have been useful, emerging technologies are transforming the way these events are conducted and how networking occurs. One such example taking center stage is Deal Room, a startup based in Espoo, Finland, that aims to reformulate event experiences, whether they are online, hybrid or in-person.

Deal Room has inaugurated a comprehensive event management platform armed with innovative technologies that could give a whole new dimension to industry networking experiences. With its unique platform, Deal Room is poised to change the networking game in various industries, from consulting and customer service to SaaS and video conferencing. Consequently, attention is turning towards solutions like Deal Room, offering more refined and structured virtual networking experiences.

Differential Analysis:

As a startup, Deal Room stands apart with its unique features designed for effective networking. It provides an exceptional relevance algorithm enabling event organizers and attendees to pre-book 1-on-1 meetings, thereby increasing productivity. Furthermore, the platform boasts in-built webinar, workshop areas along with online streaming capabilities. Its comprehensive functionality promotes greater connectivity and engagement before, during, and after events.

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Their platform is not just about software, it’s designed with a “success management” mindset. Their Event Success Management service helps to create custom-fit events, onboard organizers, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors. Users can enjoy unlimited parallel sessions, roundtables, breakout rooms, and a virtual expo area. Added to this, the platform’s integration capabilities with several ticketing, streaming, and studio platforms, further streamlines the event management process.


Deal Room’s innovative approach is likely to restructure the way networking is done in the industry. By harnessing technology to facilitate precise and methodical networking, Deal Room could set a new standard for industry networking experiences. Their approach is not just tech-oriented but built around the concept of “success management,” which aids the event to create engaging experiences in a structured way.

With the event industry rapidly evolving and demanding tools that can cater to the changing dynamics, it wouldn’t be surprising to see platforms like Deal Room finding wider application. Embrace a revolutionary experience in event management and networking with Deal Room. Get the latest updates and connect with Deal Room on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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