Can Crowdfunding Transform the Music Industry and Alleviate Concert Planning Stress?

In the constantly evolving music industry, increase in technology utilisation is inevitable. Crowdfunding, a form of crowdsourcing, has been making huge strides in the industry and transforming the conventional way music and concerts have been run for decades. A critical question to ask is: Can crowdfunding transform the music industry and alleviate concert planning stress? A recent start-up called Gigstarter aimed to answer this and has emerged with promising solutions.

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Gigstarter has leveraged the elements of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and ticketing to take the pain out of arranging events. The start-up has essentially broken down barriers between artists and audiences, harnessing the enthusiasm of passionate music fans to drive ticket and merchandise sales. Here are the key takeaways of Gigstarter’s innovative approach:

  • Gigstarter transforms casual music listeners into ardent fans.
  • It helps artists to manage data and engage fans, driving ticket, merch and experience sales.
  • The platform allows fans to pledge to purchase tickets for artists they wish to see, essentially allowing them to decide the routing of tours.
  • The start-up has an Aftershow feature that encourages fans to bring friends on board via the social ticketing system.
  • Real-time sales data tracking and audience segmentation allows for precise artist-audience interaction management.

Gigstarter is tackling one of the industry’s most significant pain points – the risk and stress involved in planning concerts. The platform’s crowd-centric approach minimises risk by essentially selling tickets before confirming dates and venues. This innovative measure allows for risk-free, financially secured concerts, ensuring all costs are covered before the show is confirmed.

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Moreover, by transforming casual listeners into ardent fans, Gigstarter is not just building a platform but creating a community. Through effective audience segmentation, Gigstarter enables artists to identify and interact with the most committed and influential fan base members, fostering a deeper artist-audience connection.

Looking into the future of Gigstarter and the industry it operates within, it is clear that the power and value of audience engagement and involvement cannot be underestimated. Crowdfunding, as demonstrated by Gigstarter, has immense potential to revolutionise the music industry and elevate the effectiveness and efficiency of concert planning.

As Gigstarter continues to innovate and disrupt the traditional music industry model, we can expect to see more artist-fan collaborations, evolving concert dynamics, and a powerful example of how technology and creativity can coexist harmoniously. To find out more about Gigstarter and stay updated, visit their
website, join their community on
Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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