Can Cloud Computing Revolutionize Enterprise Software in Mobile Workspaces?

Key Takeaways:

  • Workspace 365 is revolutionizing enterprise software in mobile workspaces through cloud computing
  • The company is based in Nijkerk, Gelderland, The Netherlands and was founded in 2010
  • Workspace 365 provides an adaptive workspace that encourages collaboration and continuous improvement
  • The future of Workspace 365 is focused on innovation and constant evolution


As businesses strive to deliver seamless experience across digital platforms, the need for cloud-based enterprise software that enhances productivity and promotes collaboration has never been higher. This is where Workspace 365, a Netherlands-based startup, steps in. Founded by Erik Nicolai and Hans de Graaf in 2010, Workspace 365 is redefining the paradigm of mobile workspaces with its adaptive and user-friendly platforms.

The startup is on a mission to simplify the workday and bring ease to organizations and their employees. Using their solution, companies can stop wasting time, money and effort on ineffective systems and start focusing on collaboration, promoting growth and continuous learning.


What sets Workspace 365 apart from other cloud computing companies is its commitment to simplicity and collaboration. Their platform is designed to be adaptive — changing according to the needs of the team and the individual user. This ensures that everyone has access to the tools they need, when they need them, no time is wasted navigating through unnecessary interfaces and functions.

Moreover, Workspace 365 doesn’t just provide a service, it cultivates a movement. The team encourages others to stop competing and start collaborating, recognizing that this is the key to truly harnessing the power of cloud computing. Using Workspace 365, companies can forge ahead in their sector through the power of effective collaboration, leveraging the technology to be more productive and innovative.

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Looking ahead, the growth potential for Workspace 365 seems promising. As businesses continue to embrace remote working and digital transformation, the demand for streamlined, cloud-based workspaces will only increase. Workspace 365’s commitment to constant evolution, paired with its mission to encourage collaboration and cultivate a movement, positions the startup favorably in this rapidly evolving landscape.

If you want to explore how Workspace 365 can revolutionize your enterprise software, visit the Workspace 365 website. For more updates, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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