Can Capacitive Electrode Technology Revolutionise the Automotive and Medical Industry?

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Key Takeaways:

  • Capical GmbH is leading the industry with their contact-free ECG-measurement via capacitive electrodes, an innovation they’ve been perfecting for over a decade.
  • This promising start-up has vast applications in automotive and medical industries, from patient monitoring to automated driving.
  • The company has won various awards for its innovative solution, showing its potential to revolutionize the sectors it targets.


In the burgeoning landscape of cutting-edge medical devices and automotive technologies, one start-up stands out with its pioneering approach – Capical GmbH. Located in Braunschweig, Niedersachsen, Germany, this front-runner specializes in contact-free ECG measurement through capacitive electrodes. Their work spans the spectrum of research, development, and productive applications, catering to the automotive and medical industries.

For over a decade, Capical has channeled its resources and expertise toward realizing the potential of capacitive electrode technology. The result is an evidence of their tenacity – today, Capical is an undisputed global leader in this field.

What sets Capical Apart?

It’s the unique blend of Capical’s innovation and its practical scope that sets it apart. Leaning towards the future of automated driving, the company aims to enhance safety and comfort for drivers through its target-oriented, fast, and sophisticated integration of monitoring solutions. On the other hand, the capacitive ECG measurement promises to improve the quality of life for elderly or ill persons, serving as an irreplaceable tool in biotechnology and life science arenas.

Capical is not just about innovation; it’s about valuable applications. Reinforcing the company’s competency, it holds the distinction of being the first company worldwide to medically approve an ECG device based on capacitive electrodes. This feat matches its numerous honors, including the Fresenius Inventor Award and the IHK Technology Transfer Award.

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Looking Ahead

Given Capical’s trajectory, it’s apparent that it’s set to leave its mark in multiple industry sectors. The continual advancements in the automotive and medical industries, buoyed with the influx of IoT and AI, present boundless possibilities for the versatile capacitive electrode technology. As automated driving makes strides towards realization, Capical’s breakthrough tech stands to revolutionise the industry by promising trailblazing safety features grounded in real-time responsive systems.

Capical is inviting potential stakeholders and interested parties to join them in establishing capacitive ECG measurement in various market segments, improving the lives of many in the process. Discover more about their journey, commitment, and vision through their website at

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