Can Advanced Materials Revolutionise Industrial Manufacturing in Europe?

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Key Takeaways:

  • ATP s.r.l. is one of the largest pultrusion firms in Europe.
  • The company’s innovative production technologies have the potential to revolutionise industrial manufacturing.
  • ATP is committed to R&D, designing and realising most of their own production and post-working equipment.
  • With ambitious marketing and process development programs, ATP is set to drive forward advanced materials industry in Europe.

The industrial manufacturing industry is a critical part of Europe’s economy. One firm seeking to reshape this industry with advanced materials is ATP s.r.l., based in Angri, Campania, Italy. ATP is one of the largest pultrusion firms in Europe with activity in the composites sector dating back to 1968.

As a privately owned firm, ATP has managed to maintain solid finances while simultaneously pioneering in innovation and marketing strategies. Their dedication towards technical advancement has led to the introduction of modern technologies for the production of tanks and more recent addition of the pultrusion technology, seen as revolutionary for Europe.

What sets ATP apart is their commitment to advancements in production technology. Between 1985 and 1990, they introduced RTM, pre-forming, and vacuum injection technologies. Furthermore, in 1985 ATP launched a joint venture with the PIRELLI Group to bring pultrusion technology to Europe. This system transforms thermoset, fibre reinforced materials into highly technological products for structural applications.

The company’s ambition is not confined to production alone. ATP operates 14 Pultrusion production lines, with most of the production and in-line automatic post-working equipment designed and realised by ATP’s R&D technical staff. This high level of vertical integration has allowed ATP to streamline their operations drastically.

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Looking towards the future, ATP is poised to make an impressive impact on the European industrial manufacturing scene. Their cutting-edge materials and manufacturing processes show considerable potential to disrupt the traditional manufacturing paradigm. As the company continues to invest in research and development as well as marketing strategies, the industry stands to greatly benefit from ATP’s offerings.

To stay up to date with ATP’s advancements, follow them on Twitter and visit their website for more information. This company, with a commitment to reshaping industrial manufacturing through advanced materials, stands as a beacon of innovation within the European industrial landscape.

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