Breaking Barriers in Health Care: Meet 15 Exciting Startups from Berlin

Berlin, Germany is quickly becoming a hub for health care startups that are transforming the way we approach health and wellness. From biotechnology to digital health platforms, Berlin’s startups are taking the industry by storm. Here are 15 startups that are leading the charge.

Molecule: Accelerating Innovation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Molecule is a blockchain-based software platform that accelerates innovation in the pharmaceutical industry. By streamlining the drug development process and increasing collaboration between researchers, Molecule is helping to bring life-saving treatments to market faster. Personalized Mental Health Support for the Entire Workforce provides high-quality, personalized, and on-demand mental health support for the entire workforce. By offering access to licensed therapists and personalized coaching, is helping to reduce stress and improve mental health outcomes for employees.

Careloop: HR-Tech and EduTech Startup Focused on the German Healthcare Industry

Careloop is a Berlin-based HR-tech and EduTech startup focused on the German healthcare industry. By providing innovative training and education programs, Careloop is helping to create a more skilled and competent workforce.

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Apryl: Overcoming Fertility Inequality

Apryl is a fertility benefits platform that helps to overcome inequality by providing access to fertility treatments and family planning services. By offering affordable and accessible options, Apryl is helping to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start a family.

snuggs: Sustainable Products for Vaginal and Mental Health

snuggs develops honest and sustainable products related to periods, vaginal and mental health. Their products are made from natural and organic materials, and their mission is to help women feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies.

GetSteps: Orthopedic Shoemaker Company

GetSteps is an orthopedic shoemaker company that creates custom orthopedic shoes to improve foot health and alleviate pain. Their shoes are designed to fit each individual’s unique foot shape and offer a comfortable and supportive fit.

Famedly: Communication App for Doctors and Hospitals

Famedly is developing a communication app for doctors and hospitals that makes it easier to collaborate and share patient information. By streamlining communication, Famedly is helping to improve patient outcomes and reduce medical errors.

Patient 21: Empowering Patients and Doctors to Make Better Decisions

Patient 21 is a health tech company that aims to empower patients and doctors to make better decisions by leveraging data. By providing access to patient data in real-time, Patient 21 is helping to improve diagnosis and treatment plans.

Tacalyx: Discovery and Development of Novel Anti-TACA

Tacalyx is a biotech company focused on the discovery and development of novel anti-TACA. By developing new treatments for cancer and other diseases, Tacalyx is helping to improve patient outcomes and save lives.

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Yolife: Mobile App for Personal Health Empowerment

Yolife is a mobile app that empowers people to live longer in good health. By offering personalized health plans and wellness tips, Yolife is helping users take control of their health and make positive changes.

VAHA: Interactive Mirror for Personalized Immersive Sessions

VAHA is an interactive mirror that provides access to personalized, immersive sessions for body, mind, and nutrition at home. By offering interactive workouts, yoga sessions, and nutrition coaching, VAHA is helping users achieve their health and wellness goals.

Dental21: Business Development Agency Specializing in Dentists

Dental21 is a business development agency specializing in dentists. By providing marketing and business development services, Dental21 is helping dentists grow their practices and improve patient outcomes.

Fertilly: Digital Health Platform for Fertility and Health Diagnostics

Fertilly is a digital health platform that offers fertility and health diagnostic services to help individuals and couples conceive. Their innovative platform uses AI technology to provide personalized insights and recommendations.

Tomorrow Biostasis: Secure Cryopreservation Services

Tomorrow Biostasis provides secure cryopreservation services, allowing individuals to preserve their organs or tissues for future medical use. By offering safe and reliable storage options, Tomorrow Biostasis is helping to advance medical research and improve patient outcomes.

memido: At-Home Urine Test Kits for Health Monitoring

memido offers at-home urine test kits to measure health, hydration, kidney health, and immunity. By providing convenient and affordable monitoring options, memido is helping individuals take a proactive approach to their health.


In conclusion, Berlin’s health care startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in health and wellness. From blockchain-based drug development to personalized mental health support and fertility benefits platforms, these startups are changing the way we approach health care. As the industry continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovation and progress from these and other startups in Berlin and beyond.

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