15 SaaS Startups in Paris Making Waves in the Tech Industry

Discover the Top SaaS Startups in Ile-de-France, France, Revolutionizing Business Processes with AI, Analytics, and Innovative Solutions

Paris, the city of love and lights, is also known for its bustling tech startup scene. With a thriving business community and a supportive government, it’s no surprise that Paris is home to some of the most exciting SaaS startups in Europe. From AI-powered insurtech to marketing automation tools for SMBs, these 15 startups are making waves in the tech industry.

Libeo: Simplifying Account Payables for SMEs

Libeo is on a mission to simplify processing and payment of account payables for SMEs. Their cloud-based platform automates manual tasks and provides an intuitive interface to manage payables. With Libeo, SMEs can improve their cash flow, reduce payment delays, and increase productivity.

Modjo: Delivering Customer Insights with Conversation Intelligence

Modjo is a conversation intelligence platform that captures and analyzes customer interaction then delivers insights at scale. By using AI-powered conversation analytics, Modjo helps companies understand their customers’ needs and preferences, improve customer experience, and increase revenue.

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Continuity: Improving Underwriting for SMEs with AI

Continuity uses AI to help insurances improve underwriting for SMEs. Their platform leverages machine learning to predict risk and assess the viability of insurance policies. Continuity’s AI-powered underwriting tool streamlines the process, reduces costs, and increases accuracy.

Babbar: Boosting SEO with SaaS Platforms

Babbar provides SEO services through its SaaS platforms. Their solutions help businesses improve their search engine rankings, increase traffic, and generate leads. Babbar’s SaaS platform offers SEO audits, keyword research, content optimization, and backlink building.

Pixacare: Monitoring Cutaneous Diseases with B2B Saas

Pixacare is a B2B Saas for monitoring cutaneous diseases. Their platform allows healthcare professionals to capture, store, and analyze images of skin lesions, making it easier to diagnose and treat skin conditions.

D-EDGE: Offering Leading-edge Cloud-based E-commerce Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

D-EDGE is a SaaS company offering leading-edge cloud-based e-commerce solutions to more than 12,000 hotels in over 100 countries. Their platform provides hoteliers with the tools they need to manage their online presence, optimize revenue, and increase bookings.

Kiflo: Building and Growing Partner Ecosystems with Modern PRM Software

Kiflo helps businesses build and grow their partner ecosystem fast with modern PRM software designed to suit their business needs. Their platform streamlines partner management, enables effective communication, and provides insights to optimize partner performance.

Refiner: Providing Customer Feedback and Survey Solutions for Data-driven SaaS Teams

Refiner provides customer feedback and survey solutions for data-driven SaaS teams. Their platform allows businesses to gather customer feedback, analyze it, and act on it. Refiner’s tool integrates with popular SaaS tools, including Slack, Salesforce, and Zapier.

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Secret: Internet Service-based Company with SaaS Solutions

Secret is an internet service-based company that provides SaaS solutions for businesses. Their platform offers tools for project management, team collaboration, and workflow automation.

Bonjour: The Sales Engagement Platform that Lets Your Team Perform Better Demos and Close More Deals

Bonjour is the sales engagement platform that lets your team perform better demos and close more deals. Their platform provides sales teams with interactive video tools that help them engage with prospects, create personalized demos, and improve conversion rates.

Juakali.io: Enabling Financial Inclusion with SaaS Technology

Juakali.io is a SaaS technology provider enabling financial inclusion. Their platform provides cloud data services for financial services, including digital banking and microfinance. Juakali.io’s innovative solutions help businesses and organizations expand access to financial services for the unbanked and underserved populations.

ApiBots: Marketing Automation Tools for SMBs

ApiBots provides marketing automation tools for SMBs. Their platform streamlines content marketing, digital marketing, and web development. ApiBots’ tools help businesses automate marketing tasks, improve lead generation, and increase conversion rates.

Yokitup: Simplifying Inventory Management with Web Application

Yokitup is a web application for inventory management built to simplify ordering, reduce waste, and increase profitability. Their platform provides real-time inventory tracking, automated ordering, and forecasting to help businesses optimize their supply chain management.

Rumo: SaaS-based Recommendation Platform for Creative Industries

Rumo is a SaaS-based recommendation platform specifically designed for creative industries. Their platform provides personalized recommendations to help businesses and organizations discover new talent, projects, and ideas.

Exceenis: Cutting-edge Software and Hardware Integrations for Faster Product Launch

Exceenis offers cutting-edge software and hardware integrations to help users launch their products more quickly. Their platform leverages embedded software, IoT, and robotics to automate production processes, improve product quality, and reduce time-to-market.

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These 15 SaaS startups in Paris are revolutionizing business processes with AI, analytics, and innovative solutions. From simplifying account payables and improving underwriting for SMEs to boosting SEO and automating marketing tasks, these startups are changing the way businesses operate. With their cutting-edge technology and entrepreneurial spirit, they are poised to make a significant impact in the tech industry.

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