15 Innovative AI Startups in Paris, Ile-de-France, France

Artificial intelligence is transforming the world we live in and Paris is a hub of innovation when it comes to AI startups. We have compiled a list of the top 15 AI startups in Paris, Ile-de-France, France that are revolutionizing industries like insurance, healthcare, marketing, and more.

Qantev – Smart Claims Platform for Augmented Insurance

Qantev is a smart claims platform for augmented insurance that uses AI to improve the insurance claims process. With Qantev, users can process claims faster and more efficiently than ever before. Founded by Hadrien De March and Tarik Dadi, Qantev is leading the way in AI-powered insurance solutions.

ImVitro – AI-Powered Medical Device Developer

ImVitro is a medical device developer that offers a SaaS platform which applies AI to in vitro fertilization imaging needs. With ImVitro, users can analyze images faster and with greater accuracy, making it easier to diagnose and treat patients. Founded by Alexandra Calleja and Maryame Boulhajat, ImVitro is a must-have tool for medical professionals.

DeepLife – Modeling Cells with AI

DeepLife uses deep learning on multi-omics data to model cells and efficiently engineer their behavior. With DeepLife, users can simulate complex cellular environments and optimize cellular engineering. Founded by Jean-Baptiste Morlot and Jonathan Baptista, DeepLife is at the forefront of AI-powered biotechnology.

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Continuity – AI for SMEs’ Insurance Underwriting

Continuity uses AI to help insurance companies improve their underwriting process for SMEs. With Continuity, insurance companies can access real-time data and analytics to make better decisions about risk assessment. Founded by Antoine Sinton, Benoit Pastorelli, and Pierre Beauhaire, Continuity is changing the insurance industry with its AI-powered solutions.

Monk.ai – Vehicle Damage Detection with AI

Monk.ai is an international artificial intelligence solutions company that automates vehicle damage detection. With Monk.ai, users can easily detect and analyze vehicle damage, making it easier to process insurance claims. Founded by Abou Laraki and Faycal Slaoui, Monk.ai is revolutionizing the auto insurance industry with its AI-powered solutions.

PhotoRoom – AI-Enabled Image Capturing App

PhotoRoom is an AI-enabled image capturing app that lets users create studio-quality product pictures in seconds. With PhotoRoom, users can remove backgrounds, edit images, and add filters with ease. Founded by Eliot Andres and Matthieu Rouif, PhotoRoom is changing the way we think about mobile photography.

EverReady.ai – AI for Business Growth

EverReady.ai is an AI-powered app that provides solutions that lead to business growth. With EverReady.ai, users can access real-time data and analytics to optimize their business strategies. Founded by Loic Deo Van, Mathieu Fargette, and Olivier Toledano, EverReady.ai is a must-have tool for any business looking to stay ahead of the game.

WeWard – Mobile App for Retail

WeWard is a mobile app that converts steps into euros and promotes drive-to-store. With WeWard, users can earn money and rewards for simply walking around. Founded by Nicolas Hardy, Tanguy de La Villegeorges, and Yves Benchimol, WeWard is revolutionizing the way we think about mobile apps and retail.

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QUANT AI Lab – Information Technology-Based AI Company

QUANT AI Lab is an information technology-based company that offers AI-powered solutions for businesses. With QUANT AI Lab, users can access the latest technologies and analytics to optimize their business strategies. Founded by Manuel Revuelta, QUANT AI Lab is a leader inthe AI industry with its innovative solutions.

Adyouneed – Social Media-Based Advertising Platform

Adyouneed provides a social media-based advertising platform that uses AI to optimize ad targeting and engagement. With Adyouneed, users can access real-time data and analytics to create effective ad campaigns. Founded by Adrien Garcia and Arnaud Toubol, Adyouneed is changing the way we think about social media advertising.

Codist AI – AI-Based Code Management Platform

Codist AI is an AI-based platform that provides code management services for businesses. With Codist AI, users can optimize their code management processes and improve their software development workflows. Founded by Maeliza Seymour and Shubhadeep Roychowdhury, Codist AI is a game-changer for the software development industry.

LooksGoodAI – AI for Powerpoint Slides

LooksGoodAI uses AI to enhance the design and aesthetics of PowerPoint slides. With LooksGoodAI, users can create visually stunning presentations in no time. Founded by Jean-Elie Aron and Pierre Magrangeas, LooksGoodAI is transforming the way we think about PowerPoint presentations.

Memorizer – AI-Based Mobile Application

Memorizer is an AI-based mobile application that records data on day-to-day activities of a person through image recognition. With Memorizer, users can access data on their activities and habits to optimize their lifestyle. Founded by Anna Golitsyna and Alisa Yurovskaya, Memorizer is a must-have tool for anyone looking to improve their daily routines.

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Bunji – AI for Real Estate Professionals

Bunji is a web software for real estate professionals that uses AI and targeted marketing to reach out to customers. With Bunji, users can optimize their marketing strategies and improve their customer engagement. Founded by Yannick Bultel, Bunji is a game-changer for the real estate industry.

Fashion Data – AI for the Fashion Market

Fashion Data provides data and AI solutions for the fashion market. With Fashion Data, users can access real-time data and analytics on fashion trends and consumer behavior. Founded by Romain Chaumais Fashion Data is transforming the way we think about the fashion industry.


These 15 AI startups are leading the way in innovation and disruption in Paris, Ile-de-France, France. From insurance and healthcare to marketing and retail, these startups are changing the way we live and work. Be sure to check out their websites and see how they can help you stay ahead of the game

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