15 Financial Services Startups in Italy That Are Disrupting the Industry

Italy’s startup ecosystem is on the rise, with the financial services industry being a hotbed of innovation. From payments to asset management to crowdfunding, these 15 financial services startups are shaking up the industry and driving growth. In this article, we highlight the most interesting financial services startups in Italy that are worth watching.

Scalapay: Payment Solution Provider

Scalapay is a payment solution provider that allows customers to buy and pay in three installments without any additional interest. This startup’s mission is to democratize credit and make it accessible to everyone.

Qodeup: Digital Payment Platform for Restaurants

Qodeup is a digital payment platform for restaurants. This startup’s innovative technology streamlines the payment process for customers and simplifies financial management for restaurant owners.

Change Capital: Marketplace for Corporate Finance

Change Capital is a fintech company that operates a marketplace for corporate finance. This startup connects businesses with investors, allowing them to access capital and grow their operations.

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RE-Lender: Impact Lending Crowdfunding Platform

RE-Lender is an impact lending crowdfunding platform dedicated to real estate, industrial, ecological, and technological conversions. This startup offers a unique opportunity for investors to support sustainable development projects while earning a return on their investment.

BlockInvest: Blockchain Platform for Issuing and Selling Assets

BlockInvest is a blockchain platform that helps financial institutes and market operators to digitalize issuing and selling of assets. This startup’s technology offers transparency, security, and efficiency in the asset management process.

Fleap: Digital Transformation, Financial Instruments, and Blockchain Solutions

Fleap is a web-based application that provides digital transformation, financial instruments, and blockchain solutions to businesses. This startup helps businesses streamline their operations, improve financial management, and adopt cutting-edge blockchain technology.

TackPay: Fintech Firm for Cashless Transactions

TackPay is a fintech firm that helps its users in being cashless, tip management, and feedback. This startup’s technology makes transactions easy, secure, and transparent.

AMCO: Consultation Services for Managing Financial Assets

AMCO provides consultation services and solutions for managing financial assets. This startup’s expertise in asset management, consulting, finance, financial services, and fintech allows them to assist clients in developing sound financial strategies and maximize their financial growth.

Equita Capital: Asset Management Company

Equita Capital is an asset management company. This startup’s expertise in venture capital and financial services allows them to help clients identify investment opportunities and maximize their returns.

Centrico: Banking and Credit Management Solutions

Centrico is a financial technology firm that offers investment portfolios, credit management, fraud detection, and core banking solutions. This startup’s technology helps businesses streamline their financial operations and improve their bottom line.

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AATECH: Platforms and Algorithms for Bank and Financial Institution Customers

AATECH is highly specialized in the design and development of platforms and algorithms for bank and financial institution customers. This startup’s technology allows financial institutions to improve their operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Hercle Financial: Prime-Brokerage Solutions and Trading Algorithms

Hercle develops low-latency technology that offers end-to-end prime-brokerage solutions and trading algorithms to institutional investors. This startup’s technology allows institutional investors to optimize their investment portfolios and maximize their returns.

WindeX Investment Club: Investment and Private Equity Firm

WindeX is an investment and private equity firm that invests in small and medium-sized enterprises. This startup’s expertise in finance, financial services, and venture capital allows them to identify high-growth potential businesses and provide them with the capital they need to scale.

FidoCommercialista: Online Tax Service

FidoCommercialista is an online tax service for freelancers, companies, and associations. This startup’s technology allows users to streamline their tax filings, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Tixter: Investment for the Film Industry

Tixter is an investment for the film industry. This startup’s innovative platform connects investors with film projects, allowing them to invest in the creative and financial potential of the film industry.

In Conclusion

The financial services industry in Italy is undergoing a transformation, and these 15 startups are at the forefront of this change. Whether it is payment solutions, asset management, or blockchain technology, these startups are disrupting the industry and driving growth. As they continue to innovate and push boundaries, they will undoubtedly attract more attention and investment, cementing their position as leaders in the Italian startup ecosystem.

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