15 Exciting Business Development Startups in Italy: Transforming Industries with Innovation

Italy is renowned for its innovation and creativity, and the country’s business development startups are no exception. With a strong focus on technology and entrepreneurship, Italian startups are leading the way in developing innovative solutions that drive growth, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. In this article, we will introduce you to 15 of the most interesting business development startups in Italy.

Metodo: Turnkey Business Solutions

Metodo operates as a solution integrator and provides “turnkey” systems that streamline business operations. The company’s services include consulting, mobile apps, software, and web development.

TechInn: Business Consulting and Services

TechInn provides business consulting and services, helping companies achieve their goals through innovation and technology. The company’s services include consulting, finance, and business development.

SustainAdvisory: ESG Solutions for New Growth Paradigms

SustainAdvisory provides strategic consulting and ESG solutions for new growth paradigms. The company’s services include advice, business development, and consulting.

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Tombolini & Associati: Consulting Agency for Business Management

Tombolini & Associati is a consulting agency for business management, offering services in business development, construction, consulting, and information technology.

Genba Professional: Consulting and Training Services

Genba Professional is a consulting company that provides advice and training services in business development, consulting, and training.

Nuxi: Marketing and Digital Solutions

Nuxi provides marketing and digital solutions for organizations, including digital marketing, marketing, and SEO.

Barty Mix: Automatic Mixing Device for Drinks

Barty Mix is an automatic mixing device for the preparation of drinks, providing innovative solutions to the food and beverage industry.

Vehnta: B2B Sales, Lead Generation, and Business Consulting

Vehnta provides B2B sales, lead generation, and business consulting services, helping companies grow and achieve their goals.

Performoney: Assistance to Increase Client Acquisition

Performoney assists financial institutions and fintech companies to increase their rate of gaining clients and customers, providing advertising and software solutions.

Prodacta: IoT Technological Solutions for Manufacturing Industry

Prodacta specializes in the development of technological solutions in the IoT field for the manufacturing industry, providing consulting, mobile apps, and web apps.

Nextamina: Business Development and Investment Services

Nextamina is a business company that provides business development and investment services, helping companies achieve their goals through consulting and management consulting.

Netcreo: Technological Hub for Environmental Solutions

Netcreo is a technological hub that offers environmental solutions, providing software and environmental engineering solutions.

Tecno Innovis: Assistance Services for Businesses

Tecno Innovis provides advice, development, and assistance services for businesses, helping companies achieve their goals through assistive technology, business development, and information technology.

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BeMyMentor: Mentoring Training and Consultancy Solutions

BeMyMentor specializes in mentoring training, project management, communication, and consultancy solutions, helping individuals and businesses reach their potential.

ReD OPEN: Digital Technologies for Business Goals

ReD OPEN offers digital technology tools to achieve business goals, providing software and information technology solutions.


These 15 exciting business development startups in Italy are at the forefront of innovation, providing unique solutions that transform industries and drive growth. From turnkey business solutions to automatic mixing devices for drinks, these startups are using technology and creativity to drive success. As the business landscape continues to evolve, it’s clear that these startups will play a critical role in shaping the future of business in Italy and beyond.

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