15 Dutch Design Startups You Need to Know About in 2023!

The Netherlands is known for being at the forefront of innovation and creativity, and its design industry is no exception. From e-commerce platforms to creative agencies, these 15 Dutch startups are transforming the design industry.

Naduvi: Transforming Interior Design

Naduvi is an online platform that offers a wide range of interior design products from various brands. Itai Gross founded Naduvi, a platform that aims to simplify the shopping experience for home décor products. Customers can browse through a variety of interior products and purchase what they need to decorate their homes.

DesignBro: The Online Design Marketplace

DesignBro is an online design marketplace that connects clients with professional designers. Founded by Christiaan Huynen and Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk, DesignBro is a platform that provides services like packaging design, personal branding, and web design.

Zerotrillion: A Creative Agency That Goes Beyond

Zerotrillion is a creative agency that provides brand strategy, identity, advertising, product design, and digital marketing services. The team behind Zerotrillion is always on the lookout for new, innovative ways to help their clients stand out.

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Expoze.io: The AI-Powered Eye Tracking Platform

Expoze.io uses AI-powered eye tracking technology to analyze images and videos with high accuracy in a matter of minutes. Coen Olde Olthof and Martijn Bakker founded Expoze.io with the aim of helping businesses make data-driven decisions in their advertising and product design.

Rebels: A Complete Solution for Companies

Rebels is a startup that optimizes the company and production processes by using the latest tools and technology. The team behind Rebels offers consulting, graphic design, web design, and gaming services to their clients.

TISKO: The IT Company for Web Development and Marketing

TISKO is an IT company that provides web development, graphic design, and marketing services to businesses. The team behind TISKO is dedicated to creating websites that are not only visually appealing but also functional and user-friendly.

Talkpixels: The Creative Agency That Offers No-Code Web Development

Talkpixels is a creative agency that offers no-code web development, optimized SEO, and UI/UX design services for various businesses. Their mission is to provide quality services to their clients while helping them save time and money on web development.

Lofthus Interiør: The Online Shop for Furniture and Home Accessories

Lofthus Interiør is an online shop that offers furniture, home accessories, gifts, and interior advice. The team behind Lofthus Interiør is passionate about interior design and offers quality products at affordable prices.

Qobalt: The Digital Marketing Agency for Web Design

Qobalt is a digital marketing agency that offers services in web design, graphic design, and internet marketing. The team behind Qobalt has years of experience in the industry and is dedicated to creating quality websites that meet their clients’ needs.

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Nouvez: The Internet Furniture Store in The Netherlands

Nouvez is an internet furniture store in The Netherlands that offers a unique shopping experience. Customers can plan, preview, and purchase their perfect interior through the website.

Jetstart: The Advertising Company for Lead Generation

Jetstart is an advertising company that offers services in web design, lead generation, and online marketing. The team behind Jetstart is dedicated to helping businesses grow their online presence through effective marketing strategies.

Numbered: The Creative Agency for E-commerce and Brand Strategy

Numbered is a creative agency that offers consulting, e-commerce, brand strategy, website design, and brand content services. The team behind Numbered is committed to providing creative solutions that help their clients stand out in their respective industries. Martin Silvestre, one of the founders of Numbered, brings his years of experience in branding and design to the table, ensuring that the company’s clients receive only the best service.

Avant Global Solutions: The Tailor-Made Software Solutions Provider

Avant Global Solutions is a startup that offers tailor-made software solutions, blockchain solutions, cloud services, UI & UX design, and game design. The team behind Avant Global Solutions believes in creating customized solutions that meet their clients’ unique needs.

Flamestudio: The Web Design and Marketing Agency

Flamestudio is a web design and marketing agency that offers services in advertising, marketing, SEO, and web design. The team behind Flamestudio is passionate about helping businesses succeed in the online world.

Miyagami: The Technology Company That Offers Consulting and Product Development

Miyagami is a technology company that offers design, strategy, digital product development, and consulting services. The team behind Miyagami has a deep understanding of the latest technology and strives to create innovative solutions for their clients.

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These 15 Dutch startups are revolutionizing the design industry. From e-commerce platforms to creative agencies, each startup offers a unique service to their clients. Whether it’s web development, graphic design, or digital marketing, these startups are dedicated to creating innovative solutions that help their clients succeed in their respective industries. With their passion and creativity, these startups are sure to continue pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the design industry.

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