15 Consulting Startups in the Netherlands: Innovating Across Industries

The Netherlands is home to a diverse range of startups specializing in consulting services across industries. From aviation and marine technology to HR and marketing, these innovative startups are transforming the way businesses operate. In this article, we showcase and explain 15 interesting consulting startups in the Netherlands.

Kambr: Raising Airline Revenue Performance

Kambr offers software, consultancy, and content services to raise airline revenue performance. Co-founded by Chris Anthony, Jason Kelly, and Martin Kaduc, Kambr serves the aerospace, B2B, consulting, media and entertainment, software, and travel industries.

Reefy: Climate-Resistant Infrastructure

Reefy is a reef engineering company that creates climate-resistant infrastructure. Founded in the Netherlands, Reefy specializes in environmental consulting, marine technology, and service industry.

GrabJobs Benelux: Instant Hiring App

GrabJobs Benelux is a hiring app that matches job seekers and employers instantly. Co-founded by Redouan B. and Walid Ansrah, GrabJobs serves the apps, consulting, employment, human resources, and recruiting industries.

blackbear: Digital Marketplace for Challenges

blackbear is the digital marketplace where companies post challenges and solvers deliver solutions in just 14 days. Founded by Joep Wittebrood and Stefan Hoogenboom, blackbear specializes in consulting and training services.

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DataChef: Data Mesh and Predictive Analytics Solutions

DataChef develops Data Mesh, Data Lake, and Predictive Analytics solutions on AWS to demystify data and simplify information. DataChef serves the analytics, big data, consulting, information technology, and software industries.

Rebels: Optimizing Production Processes

Rebels assists in optimizing the company and smoothing out production processes by utilizing the most up-to-date tools and technology. Rebels specializes in consulting, gaming, graphic design, online portals, and web design.

LITIC: Cloud-Based Analytical Software

LITIC is an IT company that develops cloud-based analytical software for organizations. LITIC serves the analytics, consulting, and software industries.

Cloud Primero BV: IT and Business Consulting

Cloud Primero BV is an IT and business consulting firm that drives companies forward with the power of cloud computing technologies. Cloud Primero specializes in cloud computing, consulting, and information technology.

CBMK Credit Management & Incasso: Debt Collection and Management Services

CBMK provides legal advice, debt collection, credit information, and debtor management services. CBMK specializes in consulting, finance, and financial services.

Climate Risk Services: Managing Financial Climate Risks

Climate Risk Services provides consulting services on managing financial climate risks and opportunities by offering business strategies. Co-founded by Gerhard Mulder and Stephanie Gnissios, Climate Risk Services serves the consulting, financial services, management consulting, and risk management industries.

C-Facts – Cloud Cost Management: Public Cloud Spend Governance

C-Facts offers the C‑Facts management control center that provides business management needs to govern public cloud spend. C-Facts specializes in cloud management, data integration, and management consulting.

Nedscaper: Managed Cloud Security and Consulting

Nedscaper specializes in managed cloud security and consulting services. Founded by Thomas Verwer, Nedscaper serves the cloud security, consulting, and information technology industries.

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Cloud Solutions Nederland B.V.: DevOps and Cloud Specialists

Cloud Solutions Nederland B.V. is a consultancy firm that specializes in DevOps and cloud services. Cloud Solutions Nederland serves the cloud data services, consulting, and web development industries.

Socialytix: Branding and Social Media Marketing

Socialytix is a marketing agency that provides branding, advertising, social media marketing, and consulting services. Founded by Marvin Brian, Socialytix specializes in advertising, brand marketing, consulting, digital marketing, and social media management.

SuccessDay: HR Consulting Services

SuccessDay is an HR consulting firm that provides HRIT, employee journey, independent advice, and people analytics services. Founded by Bas Eggelaar, SuccessDay serves the consulting, human resources, and recruiting industries.


The consulting startup scene in the Netherlands is thriving, with a wide range of innovative startups transforming various industries. From climate-resistant infrastructure to cloud-based analytical software and beyond, these startups are pushing boundaries and driving change. If you’re looking for consulting services, be sure to check out these 15 exciting startups in the Netherlands.

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