15 Consulting Startups in Paris Transforming the Future of Business

Discover the innovative consulting startups in Paris, Ile-de-France, France that are revolutionizing business practices and sustainability.

As the business world continues to evolve, innovative startups are emerging to provide new solutions and strategies for companies. In Paris and Ile-de-France, France, a hub of business and innovation, there are a plethora of consulting startups that are changing the game. From clean tech to financial services, these startups are making a difference and contributing to a more sustainable future.

Unico: Promoting Waste Reduction

Unico is a French technology provider that promotes and optimizes waste collection in order to reduce waste production. The company specializes in clean tech, environmental consulting, and waste management.

Iceberg Data Lab: Providing Environmental Data Solutions for Financial Companies

Iceberg Data Lab provides financial companies with environmental data solutions to report and manage their environmental impact. The company’s services focus on analytics, consulting, environmental consulting, information technology, and software.

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Manaos: Interoperability for Institutional Investors and their ESG Ecosystem

Manaos is a fintech company that provides interoperability between institutional investors and their ESG ecosystem. The company specializes in consulting, financial services, fintech, information technology, and sustainability.

Atscale: Scaling Business Sales Machine and People Function

Atscale provides consulting services to help businesses scale their sales machine and people function. The company focuses on business development, consulting, human resources, and management consulting.

Alvie: AI Platform for Farming

Alvie creates products based on sensors and an AI platform to assist farmers in adjusting pesticide doses. The company specializes in consulting, farming, information services, and information technology.

Agrid: SaaS for Building Energy Optimization

Agrid is a French software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for building energy optimization. The company focuses on energy, environmental consulting, real estate, and software.

RocketChart: Rigorous Monitoring of Cash Flow

RocketChart provides consulting, financial services, information services, information technology, and software for rigorous monitoring of cash flow and good anticipation of the forecast to ensure the sustainability of businesses.

ExoAlpha: Multi-Digital Assets Trading Strategies

ExoAlpha provides consulting, financial services, risk management, and trading platform services for multi-digital assets trading strategies and real-time reporting.

Juno Analytics: Custom Dashboards with Help of Astronauts

Juno Analytics offers tagging plan construction as well as data presentation in a custom dashboard with the help of astronauts. The company specializes in consulting, information technology, internet, and UX design.

Wefiit: Consulting Company Specializing in Product and Quality Management

Wefiit is a consulting company specializing in product and quality management that supports agile consultants. The company focuses on consulting, product design, and product management.

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Kikleo: Smart Solutions for Monitoring Food Waste in Restaurants

Kikleo provides smart solutions for monitoring the food waste in restaurants and collects and analyzes the data to implement solutions. The company specializes in environmental consulting, food and beverage, information services, and software.

Thematics Asset Management: Asset Management, Consulting, and Equity Investment Services

Thematics Asset Management provides asset management, consulting, and equity investment services. The company focuses on asset management, consulting, and financial services.

SHAFT APP: Tools to Simplify Manual Data Collection and Organize Data

SHAFT APP is a SaaS company that offers tools to simplify manual data collection and organize data. The company specializes in consulting, information technology, and software.

Holoffice: IT Consulting and Services for Remote Personnel

Holoffice offers information technology services including IT consulting and services for personnel working remotely. The company specializes in consulting, IT infrastructure, and IT management.

Optimize Matter: Data and cloud marketing consulting agency

Optimize Matter is a data and cloud marketing consulting agency. The company specializes in analytics, cloud computing, consulting, internet, and marketing.


These consulting startups are at the forefront of innovation in Paris, Ile-de-France, France, and are changing the way businesses operate. By leveraging new technologies, providing sustainable solutions, and optimizing business practices, these startups are leading the way towards a more efficient and sustainable future.

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