15 Art Startups in Paris and Ile-de-France Leading the Way in Innovation

Paris has long been known for its rich culture, including its thriving art scene. In recent years, a new wave of startups has emerged in the French capital and its surrounding region, Ile-de-France, bringing art and innovation together in exciting new ways. From AI-powered platforms to medical device developers, these 15 startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the art industry.

Qantev: Smart Claims Platform for Augmented Insurance

Qantev is a smart claims platform for augmented insurance that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help insurance companies automate their claims processes. The platform streamlines the process of filing a claim and improves the accuracy of claims processing, making it faster and more efficient. Founders Hadrien De March, Tarik Dadi, and their team are revolutionizing the insurance industry.

ImVitro: Medical Device Developer with an AI-Powered SaaS Platform

ImVitro is a medical device developer that offers a SaaS platform that applies AI to in vitro fertilization imaging needs. The platform uses AI to analyze videos embryos and predict their likelihood of pregnancy, helping doctors make better decisions about which embryos to use for IVF. Founders Alexandra Calleja is changing the game for fertility treatments.

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DeepLife: Using Deep Learning to Model Cells and Engineer Their Behavior

DeepLife is a biotech startup that uses deep learning on multi-omics data to model cells and efficiently engineer their behavior. The platform can be used for a range of applications, including drug discovery and development. Co-founders Jean-Baptiste Morlot and Jonathan Baptista are at the forefront of a new wave of AI-powered biotech companies.

Continuity: AI to Improve Underwriting for SME’s

Continuity uses AI to help insurers improve underwriting for SME’s. The platform uses machine learning to analyze data from multiple sources and predict risk, allowing insurers to make better decisions about which policies to offer. Co-founders Antoine Sinton, Benoit Pastorelli, and Pierre Beauhaire are making insurance more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses.

Monk.ai: International AI Solutions Company Automating Vehicle Damage Detection

Monk.ai is an international artificial intelligence solutions company that automates vehicle damage detection for the insurance and sharing economy industries. The platform uses computer vision and machine learning to analyze images of damaged vehicles and determine the extent of the damage. Co-founders Abou Laraki and Faycal Slaoui are transforming the way insurance claims are handled.

PhotoRoom: AI-Enabled Image Capturing App

PhotoRoom is an AI-enabled image capturing app that lets users create studio-quality product pictures in seconds. The app uses machine learning to separate the subject from the background and apply various editing effects to the image. Founders Eliot Andres and Matthieu Rouif are democratizing access to high-quality product photography.

Artpoint: Platform Specializing in Digital Art and Supporting the Best Digital Artists Worldwide

Artpoint is a platform that specializes in digital art and supports the best digital artists worldwide to democratize access to art. The platform allows artists to sell their work directly to collectors, cutting out the middleman. Founders are bringing the world of digital art to a wider audience.

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EverReady.ai: AI-Powered App That Provides Solutions for Business Growth

EverReady.ai is an AI-powered app that provides solutions that lead to business growth. The platform uses machine learning to analyze data and identify opportunities for growth, allowing businesses to make better decisions about their marketing strategies. Co-founders Loic Deo Van, Mathieu Fargette, and Olivier Toledano are changing the game for business development.

WeWard: Mobile App That Converts Steps into Euros and Promotes Drive to Store

WeWard is a mobile app that converts steps into Euros and promotes drive to store. The app uses AI to provide personalized recommendations for nearby stores and products based on the user’s interests and location. Founders Nicolas Hardy, Tanguy de La Villegeorges, and Yves Benchimol are revolutionizing the way people shop.

QUANT AI Lab: Information Technology Based Company

QUANT AI Lab is an information technology-based company that specializes in artificial intelligence. The company offers a range of AI-powered solutions for businesses, including predictive analytics and natural language processing. Co-founders Manuel Revuelta and his team are leading the charge in AI innovation.

Adyouneed: Social Media-Based Advertising Platform

Adyouneed provides a social media-based advertising platform that uses AI to optimize ad performance. The platform allows advertisers to target their ads to specific audiences and provides real-time analytics to help them track their campaigns. Founders are changing the way businesses advertise online.

Codist AI: Artificial Intelligence-Based Platform Providing Code Management Services

Codist AI is an artificial intelligence-based platform that provides code management services. The platform uses machine learning and natural language processing to analyze code and provide feedback to developers. Co-founders Maeliza Seymour and Shubhadeep Roychowdhury are revolutionizing the way software is developed.

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LooksGoodAI: AI for Powerpoint Slides

LooksGoodAI is a startup that uses AI to improve the design of PowerPoint slides. The platform analyzes the content of the slides and provides design suggestions to make them more visually appealing. Founders Jean-Elie Aron and Pierre Magrangeas are changing the way presentations are created.

Memorizer: AI-Based Mobile Application that Records Data of Day-to-Day Activities

Memorizer is an AI-based mobile application that records data of day-to-day activities of a person by image recognition. The platform uses computer vision to analyze images and identify activities, allowing users to track their daily routines. Co-founders are at the forefront of AI innovation.

Bunji: Web Software for Real Estate Professionals to Reach Out to Customers through Artificial Intelligence and Targeted Marketing

Bunji is a web software for real estate professionals to reach out to customers through artificial intelligence and targeted marketing. The platform uses machine learning to analyze data and provide personalized recommendations to potential buyers. Founders are changing the way real estate is marketed.


These 15 art startups in Paris and Ile-de-France are at the forefront of innovation in their respective industries. From AI-powered insurance claims processing to medical device development, these companies are using technology to revolutionize the art industry. With their cutting-edge platforms and innovative ideas, these startups are sure to continue making waves in the years to come.

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