12 Austria Startups to Watch in 2023: Innovation and Growth in Key Industries

Austria has become a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in recent years, attracting startups from a wide range of sectors. Here are 12 new Austrian startups founded in 2022 that are making waves in their respective industries.

Emma Wanderer (https://www.emmawanderer.com) Emma Wanderer is creating Europe’s first remote work and hospitality ecosystem for companies with a nature-loving hybrid workforce. The startup is aimed at hospitality and travel industry.

Proofcheck (https://www.proofcheck.io/) Proofcheck is a multilingual AI proofreading platform that also includes a collaborative in-browser workspace for PDFs and epubs. The next-generation AI workflow and collaboration tool helps content creators quickly catch costly mistakes before they reach audiences. Proofcheck is headquartered in Vienna.

The Lightning Company (https://lightningcompany.com/) The Lightning Company is the first EU-based bitcoin and lightning payment gateway. The startup wants to make bitcoin payments as easy and attractive as possible, ensuring that customers have no additional costs, whilst merchants receive attractive processing fees.

Reebuild (http://www.reebuild.com) Reebuild is a building materials platform aimed at the construction industry. The platform provides enterprise software for procurement, SaaS, and software.

Prop.ID (https://www.prop.id/) Prop.ID digitalizes standard processes for housing companies: Less work and time expenditure through hybrid or digital home owners meetings. Prop.ID simplifies real estate through SaaS technology.

Golden Whale Productions (http://www.goldenwhale.com) Golden Whale Productions is a data science company focused on the gaming industry. Their aim is to create tools that convert gaming companies into learning companies by using AI and machine learning methods.

Fynk (http://www.fynk.com) Fynk is a contract lifecycle management startup focused on legal tech and software. Their platform simplifies contract management and reduces costs.

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Nuvo (https://nuvo.cam) Nuvo is a neural rendering startup that is building the first neural based 3D scanner. It focuses on small D2C brands in e-Commerce, offering them an easy-to-use experience to scan and publish 3D visualization directly from a mobile app.

SMINPRO (https://www.sminpro.com/en) SMINPRO is passionate about recycling and dislike waste. The startup is building the most profitable global recycling giant by recycling secondary materials to become the preferred building material. They aim to break the reliance on natural raw materials for construction.

WaVe-X Holding (http://www.wave-x.vc) WaVe-X Holding is the independent Venture Builder and Corporate Venture Capital Arm of Walter Group AG. They build independent Ventures from scratch with independent Founder Teams. The startup invests in early stage Startups (from pre-seed to Series A) in the fields of Logistics, Mobility, Proptech, and Space.

Glasskube (https://glasskube.eu/) Glasskube SaaSifys Open Source and provide companies with the SaaS experience for Open Source tools. The self-developed infrastructure software enables companies to easily replace third party SaaS solutions for website analytics, CRM, or ticket systems and many more easily and without effort with data privacy compliant and secure Open Source tools.

Storypact (https://www.storypact.com) Storypact helps maximize the impact of your story through brand marketing, content creators, content discovery, digital marketing, information services, information technology, publishing, and SEO. The startup was founded by a team of experienced marketing professionals who are passionate about storytelling.

These are just some of the Austrian startups founded in 2022 that are making waves and are poised for growth in 2023. The startup scene in Austria continues to thrive, and these companies are leading the way in innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Many of these startups are focused on technology, with a particular emphasis on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and software development. Others are working on innovative solutions in industries such as real estate, recycling, and gaming. Regardless of their focus, all of these startups are striving to bring something new and valuable to their respective markets.

In addition to their individual missions, many of these startups are also making important contributions to the Austrian startup ecosystem as a whole. They are creating new jobs, driving innovation, and attracting investment to the country. As the startup scene in Austria continues to grow, these companies are sure to play a vital role in shaping its future.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, or simply someone who is interested in the latest developments in the startup world, these Austrian startups are definitely worth watching in 2023. They represent the cutting edge of innovation and entrepreneurship, and they are sure to make a big impact in the years to come. Keep an eye on these companies, and you might just witness the birth of the next big thing in your industry.

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